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World Series Photo, 1952

by Bill Woolf

That's Danny Deleon with the guitar and Pete Scheiner on the right.  The picture was taken outside Ebbets Field in Brooklyn.  It was the morning of the 7th and deciding game of the 1952 World Series between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Yankees. 


The three Sunnyside Boys had been standing outside all night on the bleacher ticket line.  It was a school day and we were "playing hooky".  I wasn't in the picture because I was already inside the ballpark.  When I had heard that the game was sold out, I scaled the wall outside the center field grand stand and was hiding under the seats in the upper right field grand stand.  Danny and Pete did somehow manage to get tickets, and Pete and I eventually found each other in the Standing Room area.

After Pete and I found each other, we looked for Danny.  It was still early and the players were on the field taking pre-game batting practice.  A ball was hit to right field and who should be fielding it without a glove - Danny DeLeon.  He had somehow gotten himself onto the field with all the reporters and celebrities. 

The next morning, Pete and I arrived at school with our forged "absence due to illness" notes.  Our home room teacher read the notes, smiled, and then opened the NY Daily Mirror newspaper.  The picture was in the centerfold.

That day, the Dodgers lost the game and hence, the World Series to the Yankees but nevertheless, it turned out to be another exciting Sunnyside adventure.

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