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      In the Day

     by Eugene Barufkin




            In the day, David Horowitz, Mike Rubin, Danny Wolfman, Howard Plimack and I were all buddies, almost inseparable.  We all walked to Bryant High School together, pretty much every day.  We walked as a pack.   Sylvia Plimack might have been in the group as well.

          I cannot remember any time when anyone of us dominated the others; we were leaderless.  Thinking back on this, there was potential in such a group for making uncomfortable situations and relationships at the get go, but whatever conversations and arguments ensued made us good friends.  Frankly, I never thought about this until now.   I cannot recall one rash incident.  I never felt any dominant vibes from any of us.  Not even Davey. 


          We did not all leave Bryant at the same time each afternoon because we were involved in different after school activities.   We did, however, share some activities, like Mike and I being the photography squad kingpins. 


          And David's and my involvement with All City Chorus and Orchestra.  I was in the chorus, my instrument was my lungs and vocal cords.  And Davey played the bassoon in the orchestra.  Always traveling subways together every Saturday morning.

          Davey, Howard, Sylvia and I went to Camp WO-CHI-CA together.  Davey and I were in the same bunk house and platform tents many summers.

          During those teenage years, we spent Sundays in Davey’s living room being taught by his dad Phil very current events lessons taken from articles in the NY Times.  I have always felt this discussion group helped keep us together.  It was a weekly reminder that we all thought and felt politically alike, and were living a strong sharing environment together.  And of course this was reinforced in our homes, moment by moment.

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