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Greetings and Welcome

          Greetings to you all, and welcome to the Second Sunnyside Stories Hour. 


          Living in rural Nova Scotia as I do, the internet service is too slow for me to be with you as a live Speaker – you are looking at my photo and listening to a recording of me - but I am actually live in the Gallery with you.  I wish we could all be in one real room together, but given the way things are, to be here today with you is a real treat! 


          It’s clear to me that there’s a lot of love for the Sunnyside we knew growing up, especially as it stands in such sharp relief with what we see around us these days.  


         All generations seem to go out thinking how good the old days were, and while I realize that’s not fully the case - and thanks in great part to the memories of Sunnyside story writers - I do know that we grew up in a very special place. 


          Today we are here to celebrate that place.


          Some of the stories you hear, you may have already read, but many are new, and will be added to the website collection.


          I am most grateful to the writers for taking the leap and writing their memories of school, play and the vagaries of childhood on the streets of Sunnyside.  I thank our monetary donors for ensuring the website bill is paid for years to come.  I thank my friend Grace for inspiring me to create this event with her, and my friend Larry for hosting it.  For being here today, Grace and I thank you, and we hope you enjoy the program!

Ruth Horowitz

April 30, 2021

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