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Susan Fortgang

Dear Sunnysiders,

          Like many of you, I enjoyed a wonderful childhood living in Sunnyside where I made lifetime friends, many of whom I see on a regular basis today.  In fact, I lived in Sunnyside until 1965 and my parents, Sylvia and Louis Fortgang, lived there until 1979.  My parents moved to 41-08 42nd Street, on the corner of Skillman Avenue, in the early 1940’s and I was born in 1944 and my brother, Martin, in 1947.  My brother and parents also made friends who they saw throughout their lives. 


          I attended PS 150, JHS 125, Long Island City HS, and Queens College before moving to New Haven where I attended the Yale School of Art and Architecture.  I am a Professional Artist (painter) and have also had a career in Teaching and Education.  I am married to Robert Schecter since 1967 and have lived and worked in our loft on Greene Street since 1972.


          Below find photos from PS 150 and JHS 125 showing my classmates and teachers.


Susan Fortgang

Selma Stone's Fourth Grade Class, 1954

Richard Dames, Paul Rabinow, Richard Wolfson, John Spraig, Selma Stone, Guy Stenning, Ralph ?, Kenny Mewes, Michael Resnick, Paul Hyman, Martin Perlman, Fred Auerbach

Maria Phelan, Sandra Taverna, Nancy Band, Carol Urdanick(?), Jenny Snider, Jean Cataldo

Ruth Kasab, Susan Fortgang, Amy Kesselman, Andrea Tish, Barbara Glassman, Janet Plimack, Jane Hepp, Eugenie Marek

Etta Kampf's Fifth Grade Class, 1955

Martin Perlman, Paul Hyman, Billy Shiffman, John Skopp, Kenny Mewes, Steve Kessler, Francis Bennett(?), Billy Scher, Elliot Naishtat, Richard Wolfson, John Fink, Paul Rabinow, Richard Dames

Sharon Golden(?), Eugenie Marek, Jenny Snider, Jane Hepp, Maria Phelan, Barbara Heller

Jeannie David, Myra Savin, Ruth Kasab, Susan Fortgang, Anne Zubow, Janet Plimack

Sheila Brall, Carolyn Urdanick(?), Barbara Glassman, Christine (?), Barbara Parker, Barbara Burns, Andrea Tish, Jill Hamberg

Rita Neary's Sixth Grade Class 1956

Billy Shiffman, Francis Bennett(?), Fred Bonzeit, Michael Resnick, Mrs. Neary, Steve Kessler, Paul Hyman, Elliot Naishtat, Billy Scher(?), Richard Wolfson, John Fink, Paul Rabinow, Richard Dames

Jenny Snider, Jane Hepp, Sandra Taverna, Nancy Steinberg, Nancy Band, Maria Phalen, Sharon Golden(?)

Barbara Glassman, Jill Hamberg, Barbara Heller, Eugenie Marek, Andrea Tish, Carolyn Urdanick(?), Emily(?)

Janet Plimack, Susan Fortgang, Anne Zubow, Myra Savin, Sheila Brall, Holly Scharf, Barbara Burns

Girlfriends graduating PS 150 1956  Anne Zubow, Jenny Snider, Susan Fortgang, Jill Hamberg, Sheila Brall, Andrea Tish

Sixth Grade teachers Mrs. Edna   Musnik and Mrs. Rita Neary

           Graduation Day JHS 125 1958

??, Paul Hyman, Paul Rabinow, Elliott Naishtat

            Jill Hamberg and Janet Plimack

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