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Links to writers and their stories

Ariel Pontell, Lisa

      Under the Sycamores

      Madison Court

Barufkin, Eugene

     In the Day

Beckoff Wellman, Laurie

       Creativity Flourished at P.S. 150

       The Young Israel

       The 43rd Street Playground

Berlind, Allan

       The View From the Window

Birrell Perez, Susan (photos)

Billing, Ron

      When I Was a Kid

Blake Herrmann, Bette Jean

      A Lucky Turn of Events with James Caan, the actor

Colloms, Michael

       Early Memories

Corson, Eric


DeFina McAndrew, Maria

       Family Ties

       How I Met My Husband

Diem, Richard

      Frankie Lee

      Run Willie Run

      The John Gildea I Remember

     The Sunnyside Kid

      Down by the Schoolyard

      Gordon, I Remember You

      Radio Days


      Saturday Night at the Whelan's

      Working at Woolworth's Five and Dime

      Courtyard Days / Memories of Young Richard

      After the Rainfall & U.S.S. Popstick

      King of the Mountain

      Newtown's Creek

      Chasing Hockey Dreams / My Lifelong Love of Hockey

      Sunnyside Paper Boys & The Young Station Master

      The Sunny Side of the Day

      Up On the Roof

      Grasshopper Fun

Drucker Collins, Emily

      From Sunnyside to Mexico

Elliser, Michael

      The Auditorium: fond memories

      Hard Lessons and Lighter Moments

Fairman, Bruce (JHS photo)

Federgreen Anderson, Barbara

      Sweet Revenge

Feit Shagan, Rena

       The Passion of Politics

Finke, Alan

     A Detailed 43rd Avenue View

Fisher, Stephen  (photos)

     Long Island City, N.Y.

Fisher Price, Adria

      A Warm Look Back

Fortgang, Susan (with school photos)

     Ethel Plimack - Master Knitter

Frank Ruta, Suzanne

      The Hermits

      The Lovelies

Freund, Larry (photos)

      A History of P.S. 150

Fried, Eric

     Family, Friends, First Love and Politics

Fried, Richard     

     The Joys and Perils of Independent Life

Fried, Rob

     My Wedding to Carole Landi

     Crossing the Cultural Divide

     A Child's Christmas in Queens

Friedlander, Paul

     The Sunnyside Jungle

Godlin Roemer, Marjorie

      A Favorite Memory

      A Sunnyside Story

Goldberg, Myra

     Now and Then

     We Again

Goldman, Alvin

      Sunnyside During World War II

Gralton, Harry

     I am Harry Gralton

Gralton Piscopo, Rosemarie

     The Stoop

​​Heller, Deborah

     The House on 39th Avenue

     Big Trouble at Nursery School

Horowitz, Ruth

     When Bigotry Turns Into Friendliness

     Teen Gangs and Outdoor Play

     On Skillman Avenue


     When They Fired My Father

     Sycamore Trees and Courtyards

     Misadventures in Fifth Grade

     Fashion and Confusion at JHS 125

     Indoctrination?  I don't think so.

     Barnett Avenue


Hubert, Jack

     Jewish Delis and Synagogues

Isaacson Goldstein, Micki

      Rambling Babbles

Jones, Robert

      Some Thoughts on Sunnyside Gardens

      My Father's Work at Equitable

Kappel, Steve (posthumously)

     Sunday Drive

     October's Sunday

The Kappel family (photos)

Katz, Lewis

Kessler, Steve

     Random Memories

King, Peter

      Stickball on the Street

      Sounds of the Sidewalk

Kryzak Zaslow, Lucy

      My Sunnyside (Gardens)

Lanzillotti, Leonore

      Only One Sunnyside

Lehman, Josh

     Sunnyside's Silver Screens

     Sunnyside, Seattle and Beyond

     Motion and Emotion

Lehman, Naomi

     Sunnyside Gardens Park

Lewis Mankoff, Valerie

       Memories of 46th Street

Lichtigman Mach, Nada (photos)

Liebowitz, Alexander

        Sunnyside Schooling:  PS 150

        Sunnyside Schooling:  JHS 125

Liebowitz, Jonathan

       Sunnyside Schooling:  PS 150

Lieff, John C.

     "Jal Kar" at PS 150

Lobel, Calman (sketch)

Marek, Eugenie

      Hide and Seek

      Eugenie Marek's 45th Street

Mehrer, Bobby

     The Best Thing

Mehrer Kapner, Joanna


Meyer, Susan E.

     My Home on 48th Street

Millet Herman, Linda

     I Loved Sunnyside

Naishtat, Sandy

     Mrs. Oppenheim's Musical Attic

     40-10 44 Street

Orvell, Miles

      Two Incidents and the Meaning of Life

Pasternak Kaplan, Carol

     Sunnyside Again

Penner, Philip

     My Parents and My Friends

Penner Gorn, Julie

     Getting to School

Perlstein, Jim

       A Life Story

Polk, Grace

     You've Got Mail!

     Thanksgiving Mischief

     Finding Bliss in Sunnyside

     Build and They Will Come

     The Roar of the 20's Dies in the Great Depression

Pollack, Gerald A.

      48th Street - Just a Place Where I Lived

Rabinowitz, Marion (Judy Wise)

      Creative and Humane Air

      Graduation Photo Album

Rain, Heidi

      An Oasis in Queens

Ranna Westervelt, Liivia (photos)

Relin Adams, Nina

     No, Not Sunnyside Gardens

Rombough-Froese, Lily Jean

      PS 125 as an Elementary School

      Junior High Years

Rosenshine, Allen

     A Tale of Two Sunnysides

     A Ghost Story

Roht, Lewis

      Summer Street Games

      Roht Family Memories

Rothstein, Jack

     The New Kid on the Block

      Rumble at the Hebrew School

      J.E. The Neighborhood Bully

      Howie's Famous Bar

      The Bars on Greenpoint Avenue

      Leo's Deli

Schapiro, Marilyn

      Remembering P.S. 150

Scheiner, Pete

      The Legacy of Fathers

Scherel Heller, Ann

      4th, 5th and 6th Grades at P.S. 150

     Sunnyside Collage

Schoenberger, Ed

       Reminiscing with my Granddaughter

Skala, Martin

      Goodbye Forever

Snider, Amy Brook

       Growing Up in the Living Room

       The Seeds of Many Things

Sparer Lambie-Wallace, Laura

Spiridakis, Tony

       Fraternities and Tennis

Stonehill, ​Bob

       Bob's Post Card Collection

       Halloween Bully

       Mr. Dooley and the Mysterious Envelope

       Sunnyside Gardens Park


       Sports Beginnings

       Play Ball, my mantra, Mr. Hackett, my nemesis

       My Favorite Store on Skillman Avenue

       My First Exploration

       A Bridge, a Lighthouse, and a Castle

       My Baseball Career

       Sunnyside Gardens, a walking tour

       the Sunnyside Spirit - P.S. 150 - 1950

       Bobby's Long Island City Savings Bank Book

Stonehill, Lee

       Mr. Dooley and the Mysterious Envelope: 2

       A Matter of Opinions

       Street Hockey

       A High Order Betrayal

       The Jewish School of Sunnyside

       Ben Stonehill: Yiddishist

Straus Albert, Nora

      The Left of Sunnyside

      Proud Red Diaper Baby

      Guide to New York City

Studer Levine, Joan

      The Man in the Black Suit

Swinburne, Bill

       Playing with Blocks

Turitz, Gene

       Street Games and Sunday School

Viemahnn Authenrieth, Joan   (photos)

Vladeck, Susan

       The Original English Village

Williams Wyrick, Ann (Annluise)


Wolfe, Steven

        Danny and Me

        The Plimacks

        Which Way the Tree

        Almost Ships in the Night

        Going to the Movies

        Boy Pranks at J.H.S. 125

        Schoolyard Punchball

        School Woes

        Benowitz', Rogen's and Borchansky's

        On the Boulevard 

        A 46th Street Boyhood

Woolf, Bill

        Sledding at the Bowl

         The DeMolay Adventure

         World Series Photo, 1952

Woskoff Bestock, Victoria

     Moving to the New House

     I Used to Live in a Neighborhood

     No More Tomato Juice

     The Hurricane

     The Garden Next Door

Zuckerman Jaros, Rita 

     A Great Place and Time to Grow Up

the Sunnyside Stories Hour June 3, 2017

Stories Hour Photos by Steven Wolfe, Ali Kappel, Steve Price, Ken Albert, and Pat Dorfman

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