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Eric Fried

          After college I had a job on a merchant ship out of Trinidad, worked as an aide in a psychiatric hospital on the East Side, lived in Vermont half a year, in Mexico for a winter. I met my wife Joanna (still married 53 years later, 4 children, 4 grandchildren) in Manhattan. While working as a playground supervisor in East Harlem, I took science courses at CUNY. We traveled in Europe 10 months. I studied zoology, ecology, natural resources management at the Ag School at Cornell.  I taught natural history at the New York State Museum in Albany, then had a long career as a wildlife biologist in the State Department of Environmental Conservation. Took a Master's in philosophy at SUNY Albany.


          My book, Inwardness and Morality was published in the Value Inquiry Book Series published by Rodopi (also had poetry and a long story published in literary journals).  Joanna and I have been moderately observant Jews for about 15 years.

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