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King of the Mountain

by Richard Diem


King of the mountain

We tumbled and played

In the snows of our childhood

Our courage displayed


We rolled and we laughed

The girls watched with delight

We were rough housing ragamuffins

On cold winter nights


Who would stand tall?

Who’d muscle his way

To the top of the mountain

To be king of the day?


Snowflakes of memory

Still fall and appear

My mind’s eye can taste them

I smile in good cheer


Embracing the laughter

Of childhood delight

I picture those old friends

On cold winter nights

Richard Diem came to Sunnyside early in life, attended PS 150 and JHS 125. and L.I.C. H.S., after which he entered the Marine Corps.  He went on to become the franchised manager of a newspaper home delivery service and later, a Postal Service mail carrier.  He is a minister to the homebound through his church and a professional caregiver forced into retirement by Covid-19.  He loves writing about his childhood memories.

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