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After the Rainfall

by Richard Diem

          A fun play time activity after a rain was going right outside to sail our ice cream pop sticks along the curb side streams.  Streets with little sloping inclines were the best.  Of course there were obstacles sometimes but that would only challenge the skills of the captain’s sailing ability to navigate his path of travel along the curb, and enhance the fun we were having.  Obstacles could be little pebbles, bottle caps or whatever it was that impeded the flow of our brave pop sticks.  So for all Sunnyside sailors I offer a poem to remember this fun time after a rainfall.

U.S.S. Popstick

Sailing Sunnyside Streets

        by Richard Diem

The Captain’s out to sea

His thoughts please don’t disturb

He must navigate his ship

Gently down the curb


The storm has swelled the tides

On this voyage made from dreams

The Captain guides his vessel

Through the rippled streams


Gaining more momentum

Winding down the hill

The flags are flying high

Each curb’s another thrill


Blow ye winds of memory

Through imagination’s eye

With his mates the Captain’s sailing

Into time that’s long gone by


When on the city streets

Where all his rivers ran

He charted every course

He always had a plan


Prepared for every voyage

He’d mastered every trick

Having eaten all his ice cream

He simply sailed the stick


Richard Diem came to Sunnyside early in life, attended PS 150 and JHS 125. and L.I.C. H.S., after which he entered the Marine Corps.  He went on to become the franchised manager of a newspaper home delivery service and later, a Postal Service mail carrier.  He is a minister to the homebound through his church and a professional caregiver forced into retirement by Covid-19.  He loves writing about his childhood memories.

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