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The Sunnyside Kid

by Richard Diem

Just a glimpse in time let my memory regress

With clarity of vision a scene to impress

The kid in the street with a ball in his hand

The most outstanding fielder in all of the land

I can picture him now at the curb, at the wall

With his rifle arm firing the small Spaldeen ball


Leaping high, diving low,

A running catch,

A one man show,

A back hand stab,

A one hop scoop

A hard line drive

Ripped off the stoop


Dimaggio, Keller, and Henrich too,

Rizzuto and Berra, all the day through

The entire team, he was each player’s name,

A hoarse voiced young fella from calling the game

Tugging his britches, wiping his brow,

Amazed with his effort he cried, “Holy Cow!”


Apartment house stoopball, a strong throwing arm

Until the game ended to his great alarm

Why even the best sometimes strike out

But he ran like the dickens at Mr. “L’s” shout

 “You broke my window you dumb little fool,

What the heck are you doing outside of school?”



It was fun while it lasted

I’ll buy a new ball

When the window’s repaired,

I’ll be back at the wall!

The Sunnyside Kid.jpg

Richard Diem grew up playing stoopball.  He enjoys reminiscing and writing poetry.

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