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A High Order Betrayal

       by Lee Stonehill

          My brother, Bob, has a fine singing voice and he loves singing harmonies -- "do wops".  His neighborhood companions were Peter Greenblatt, Danny Levy and Eugene Turitz who sang with him, even though they were serious musicians and students of classical music, which Bobby was not.


          In the Stonehill household, classical masterworks ruled. There was no parental tolerance for rock and roll or "oldies". Alan Freed was treated as an untutored heretic. So Bobby was sort of a teenage rebel.


          One memorable day Bobby's friends paid him a somber-faced visit. They told him their tastes had evolved. They had moved on to Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig Van Beethoven and Franz Schubert, etc. They now found do wops too simple and not to their liking. Bobby was devastated. It was exactly what our father had been arguing. This was a high order betrayal. A curtain had fallen.

Lee (Lenox) Stonehill grew up in Sunnyside Gardens, attending PS 150, JHS 125 and William Cullen Bryant High School (June 1955).  He retired in 2009 from the NY City Human Resources Administration.  His avocation is local history.  He is married and the father of three adult children.  He currently lives in Astoria, Queens. 

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