Spring / Fall 2021

Second Sunnyside Stories Hour


       by Ruth Horowitz

The Passion of Politics

       by Rena Feit Shagan

Humane and Creative Air

       by Marion (Judy) Wise Rabinowitz

A Ghost Story

       by Allen Rosenshine

Under the Sycamores

       by Lisa Ariel Pontell

Hide and Seek

       by Eugenie Marek

My Wedding to Carole Landi

       by Rob Fried

Sweet Revenge

       by Barbara Federgreen Anderson

Only One Sunnyside

       by Leonore Lanzillotti –

You’ve Got Mail

       by Grace Polk

The Sunnyside Gardens Park

       by Naomi Lehman

Now and Then

       by Myra Goldberg

Bliss Street Sunnyside

stories from the 1940's and 1950's

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Bob Stonehill's Post Card Collection

Some Thoughts on Sunnyside Gardens

      by Robert Jones

My Father's Work at Equitable

      by Robert Jones  

A Favorite Memory

      by Marjorie Godlin Roemer 

Sounds of the Sidewalk

      by Peter King 

Spring / Fall 2021

Remembering P.S. 150

     by Marilyn Schapiro

The Sunnyside Kid

      by Richard Diem

4th, 5th and 6th Grade at P.S. 150

      by Ann Scherel Heller

Sunnyside Collage

      by Ann Scherel Heller

Down by the Schoolyatd

     by Richard Diem

Stickball on the Street

     by Pete King

Gordon, I Remember You

      by Richard Diem

Radio Days

      by Richard Diem


      by Richard Diem

The Silver Screen

      by Josh Lehman

Roht Family Memories

      by Lewis Roht

Summer Street Games

      by Lewis Roht

A Tale of Two Sunnyside

      by Allen Rosenshine